Parents asked to amicably solve problems with school managements | Education News

By Enock Okong’o

Keroka Township Chief Mr. Kennedy Ndege has asked parents to solve their problems amicably whenever they have disagreements with school managements.

Speaking to parents and teachers of Etangi Primary school, the chief said that internal quarrels between teachers and parents thwarted development because they led to distrust among the education stakeholders. 

‘If you’re not satisfied with the services of any head teacher, there are channels to follow in order to be heard,” he advised.

The chief’s caution came after parents at Metamaywa Primary school in Masaba North sub county protested against the head teacher Mr. Justus Moenga over alleged mismanagement of the institution.

The parents presented their grievances to Nyamira County Commissioner Michael Lesimam who asked them to be patient as he consults with the school’s management committee.

However, the parents didn’t heed to the commissioner’s advice and instead went and lit fire along the roads as they sang war songs against the head teacher.

They accused Moenga of sending pupils home for unaccounted levies, selling trees and not steering the school into performing well academically.

The riots caused a standstill for four hours and Masaba North sub county police Commander Mr. Robert Ndambili intervened and arrested three parents. 

“I ordered my security officers to arrest the rogue parents for causing public disturbance.” He briefed.

Ndambili said that the suspects will be arraigned in court to face the law.

Efforts to reach the head teacher for a comment were futile. It is alleged that he went to

Masaba North Sub county education offices to seek advice from the director on what to do concerning the parents’ behavior.

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