Kisii parents call for scrapping off of ‘costly and myopic’ CBC – Education News| The Leading Newspaper on Education News

By Enock Okong’o

Parents from Kenyenya sub county in Kisii County have called for the scrapping off of the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) terming it as costly and myopic.

They further termed it as a self-motivated project that was hurriedly started and implemented with selfish interests and wished it gone as the country ushers in a new regime.

Led by Nyanza Region Parents Association Chairman, Mr. Paul Mainga welcomed the President’s proposal to set a task force to review the curriculum but cautioned him against picking people who will aim to please him rather than serving the purpose for which they will be appointed.

“We have witnessed previous commissions prior to this one that ended up serving other interests rather than the intended one,” he said.

Mr. Mainga who spoke at Kenyenya stadium on Thursday during the inter-ward friendly ball matches, further wondered why pupils were not consulted to give their views about the system.

“Our children are the main consumers of the curriculum. Let the government collect their views too instead of focusing on parents, teachers and political leaders only,” suggested Mainga.

Speaking at a different forum on Friday, Kenyenya sub county Director of Education George Ouma cautioned the public against politicizing education matters.

He said that education was a timeless treasure for children and asked parents to support it for the success of their children

The officer later thanked area students and teachers for posting good results in the 2021 KCSE and KCPE examinations. He asked them to continue with the same spirit and improve on their previous scores.


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