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By Wasike Elvis

Embattled National Parents Association (NPA) Chairman Nicholas Maiyo has said he will appeal Justice Hedwig Ong’udi’s decision that ordered him to vacate his office within seven days.

Speaking to the press recently, Maiyo said his team will present enough evidence in court that will prove Musau Ndunda’s interference in the management of the association.

“Musau Ndunda’s Association is called Kenya National Parents Association (KNPA) representing universities, colleges and private schools. NPA on the other hand represents public primary and secondary schools. We will use all evidence he filed against us in the past to prove to the court that we are not a team. It is quite clear that he is using this association for his gains and not for the interests of parents and students,” said Maiyo.

Maiyo further said that NPA follows all guidelines provided by the Ministry of Education in terms of elections as opposed to his opponents.

“The Ministry of Education guidelines state that elections should follow protocol beginning from classes, schools, sub-county, counties, and finally nationals. We have adhered to all that and we are surprised how Ndunda’s team just emerged in the nationals. This shows that there is indeed interference in the association and we will get to the root of that,” Maiyo added.

He assured parents that NPA will work to ensure that justice prevails and the rightfully elected leader assumes office.

“We know parents have been complaining on all social media platforms about the decision of the judges. I want all of you to remain calm as we head to the courts. We are sure that justice will be served and that we will continue representing your views, informing you of the developments in education as well as foster cooperation between you, teachers, and the school management,” he said.

The embattled NPA Chairman Nicholas Maiyo who has served for six years was barred from office by a court order from the High Court of Kenya recently.



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